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I swear, he doesn’t own two dogs. June 18, 2011

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I sure hope you’ve subscribed to my sparse space, because I can’t imagine clicking back over here to check for monthly posts. In fact, I’m fairly certain anyone reading this (besides my mom) already does. It’s nice to be back in your feed. Your reader is looking fiiine.

So yeah, things are awesome around here in Casa de Aggie. Andrew has decided to semi-potty train himself. That means that he becomes righteously indignant when presented with a diaper instead of a pull-up, but remains ambivalent about the different expectations for the wearing of each. (Translation: I am a bit flummoxed at how to best remove poop from a pull-up.)

His vocabulary and his self-esteem are both off the charts. When singing along to a Laurie Berkner song about how no one is perfect, he pipes up, “I’m perfect, Mama.” He also rates himself as funny. At least that time, he told me I was funny first. Boy knows his place.

He is completely fearless in the water, which I love and am terrified by. He is taking swim lessons, but believes that the baby class is an insult to his intelligence. I have to concur, seeing as they are practicing “patting the water” and he wants to “fling himself into the deep end kamikaze style.”

In short, he’s just a pretty awesome human being and I’m so glad he’s mine. In other news, I had a fairly rockin day today. I cleaned my entire house (sorely needed) and feel at peace l knowing that all my clothes are in their rightful homes tonight. Oh, but first I slept in, then watched a movie. Then came the cleaning part, but not the getting dressed part, which is how I came to be opening my blinds in my dining room and standing before a random neighbor in my cami and boyshorts as he let his dog do his business right beside my porch. I can’t be sure, but I think he was back about twenty minutes later, too.

After, there was much relaxing and then a solo dinner (sushi!). Small shelf installation, the baking of muffins, and well you can see why I’m too high on life to segue from the nudey story or wrap up this post coherently.

The End.