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WHERE CAKE?! May 9, 2011

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What more can I add to the overabundance of Mother’s Day posts out there? Meh, let’s hit the high points, just for funsies.

I have a mom. She is fantastic. I abuse her good nature and take advantage of her giving spirit on the regular.

I am a mom. I get lots of breaks but I miss lots of moments. This makes me sit down for an entire episode of Dinosaur Train instead of loading the car before work, because A wants me to sit with him for “five minute.” It also makes me feel like I walk around half empty, half of my life.

My friends have lost moms. Some of the sweetest, best people I’ve ever met or e-met are experiencing the agony of the first year without a loving mom to give a card and a hug to. This makes me hug mine a little harder, and shed a tear for their loss that I can’t imagine facing.

This weekend, Andrew and I spent the whole time at the family compound since my mom had the nerve to be born on the 6th of May. Way to bookend those holidays, mom. Andrew and I sent her flowers and showed up on her doorstep. He was super duper excited to find out that Friday was her birthday.

A: “Mamie birthday coming up.” (Yes, that’s what he said in the car, unprompted. Weirdo)

 Me: “Actually, it’s today.”

 A: “TODAY?!” [insert toddler seizure of glee]

We enter the parentals’ casa.


Ahh, so that’s what that was. Not elation over celebrating the woman who loves you the most (outside of the one who gestated you) but a desire for CAKE. I don’t think he’s that different than most adults in that respect.


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