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Cheese. April 15, 2011

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Should I be supremely lazy and just bullet point the hell out of this thing?

  • As he was dozing off a few weeks ago, A told me that he loves his cousin Travis, his Daddy, and cheese.
  • I’ve lost those pesky pounds and become a semi-vegetarian. Turns out I’ll trade chicken for cheese any day. Guess that’s where he gets it from.
  • I made a concentrated and deliberate decision to focus on A tonight. I enjoyed riding our couch  the train to Sodor and it was so nice to meet Thomas. It’s a shame that the monsters attacked us, but I’m glad the tiger made the responsible decision to get on the school bus so he could get a job.
  • Andrew said “‘M for mama!” and picked out the word “slide” from a choice of three. I hope he can do so well when he has to choose between three Ivy League schools in a year or two.
  • My child is hilarious and amazing and I am doing well, except for when I forget to do things like pay my student loans or clean out the refrigerator. I guess that last one isn’t really forgetting so much as avoiding, but whatevs. There’s something liberating about living alone and not having to feel guilty for your messes or your shortcomings. There’s no one here to see my overflowing hamper, no one’s toiletries being crowded off the counter. It’s the little things.

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