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It’s the parents, stupid. November 2, 2010

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So we made the decision to move Andrew to another daycare. That’s one of the things I’m pretty stoked about, that we’ve managed to keep Everything Else out of the way when it comes to doing what’s best for Fat Elvis.

Why Fat Elvis, you ask? Peep the belly, yo.

Before the change, he was in a nice, cozy in home daycare with quite a few other toddlers of varying socio-economic status. Seriously, it looked like something straight out of a ‘join-hands’ Coca-Cola commercial. Still, it came time for a switch and we decided on a completely different setting.

And I mean completely. Now I have to input a PIN to check A in and out of the facility, like he’s punching a time card at the sewing factory. I have to pay extra for breakfast and for someone to come and teach nutrition (to my two-year -old, not to me. I try to tell him all the time about the dangers of trans fats, but he pays me no mind.)

I was very nervous about these changes, as you can imagine. Even though we both felt right about the move, and even though we had received hearty endorsements, I was still wary. I shouldn’t have worried at all, of course, because he was awesome. The teachers love him already, and say he’s great at following directions and that he settled right in. As I watched for a minute before picking him up, he was playing happily with four ladies (that’s my boy!) and the teacher. I was happy to see that only two of the four were as albino as my spawn. 

I am not adjusting as well. Maybe it’s because of the d-bag father with the energy drink sticker on his truck who cut me off in the parking lot (in the parking lot! of the daycare that our children both attend!  Did he not think we’d meet again, ten seconds later, waiting in the same tiny entryway?) or maybe it’s the fact that I saw a mom signing out her child named Liberty and I died a little inside.

Alls I”m saying is, I’m pretty sure I’m rocking the only npr sticker in the parking lot. I hope I’m wrong, and that A makes tons of new friends and I meet some soft and liberal on the inside, crunchy on the outside parents to bond with as well. Otherwise, his only hope of getting the evite to Sarah Maverick Smith’s birthday party is if they think his father is the only one in the picture.

And for absolutely no reason, this.


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