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Well this should be fun. October 6, 2010

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To do today and tomorrow:


training after school


fly alone with toddler

Wait, what? I’ve been penciling that in nonchalantly, trying to downplay the abject terror that threatens to overtake me as soon as I consider the reality of singlehandedly maneuvering a suitcase and toddler through the airport on a very tight timeline. When I feel myself reaching for a paper bag, I revisit the positives:

two short flights with a little time in between to stretch his legs

lots of several snacks and many two distracting activities packed

terminal drop-off and parents waiting (with carseat) to pick us up on the other side

family that has most of what he needs—I just have to bring clothes and his baby crack sound machine

I also took copious notes about  Ariana’s experience and will be mimicking it as much as I can (in coach) (alone) (help.)

Has anyone seen my paper bag?


2 Responses to “Well this should be fun.”

  1. Amanda Says:

    You can do it! In these situations, a parent must do whatever makes him happy…there’s no shame! My best friends in flights with the kids are snacks and portable dvd players. Good luck!

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