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Dear Amoxicillin, DIAF. TYVM. September 22, 2010

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Andrew has been pretty snot-tastic for a couple of weeks. No fever, no complaining, just snotty. As a severe allergy sufferer, I gave this the “meh” treatment, but I was on board with Mr. Aggie’s parents taking him in when the snot turned green last Tuesday.


Anyway, he started his first ever course of amoxicillin for a potential sinus infection. Can we just talk about how much giving him that medicine SUCKS? First of all, it’s like a dose for an elephant– 1 tsp twice a day. Toddler moms know that’s a crazy amount of liquid to get into a screaming, thrashing kid’s gob at any one time. And the medicine is apparently revolting, based on his reaction, while also being extremely sticky.

This is where I say it’s okay as long as he gets better and blah blah blah. From where I’m sitting, getting a call from daycare about my inconsolable child in the middle of the day yesterday (day 7 of medicinal hell) doesn’t exactly scream “road to recovery.” I rushed to pick him up after the summons and he just burst into tears when he saw me. He was so, so miserable.

[Insert Self-Defending Explanation for Potential Judgy McJudgertons: He is also cutting his lower incisors  the pointy teeth so that could have explained the fussy/clinginess and his fever wasn’t very high, either. That’s why we didn’t proceed straight to the doctor’s office.]

By yesterday evening, he started his ear infection cry (do all kids have one?) but of course it was too late for the doctor’s office. This morning we made our way over and I marvelled at how much easier it has gotten to take him in. What was once a feat akin to scaling Mt. Everest in stilettos is now so routine that I actually ate breakfast (in the waiting room!) alongside my chipper little buddy.

He was an absolute dream during this visit, charming and flirting with nurses and staff and even being super friendly to the pediatrician whom he usually regards with both fear and loathing.

The final tally: one sinus infection, two ear infections, one new antibiotic and one giant middle finger to amoxicillin.


4 Responses to “Dear Amoxicillin, DIAF. TYVM.”

  1. mom Says:

    Very entertaining and informative! Love the picture. This is absolutely the reason we read the blog. To be informed, entertained, impressed by your vocabulary and wit!

  2. Craig Says:

    Is Amoxicillin the pink stuff? I used to love that.

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