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And it came to pass that I took a shower alongside bits of turkey sausage September 17, 2010

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That title is going to get some interesting google hits, mark my words.

Remember our morning routine? Andrew enjoys his waffles/bread and quality KERA/PBS programming while I bustle about getting things/us ready. Well Wednesday night, Andrew wasn’t feeling his best and fell asleep without touching his dinner. (Crazy, I know.) Thursday morning, he spied the (turkey) sausage and mac n cheese in the fridge and demanded  indicated with calmness and courtesy that he would like to eat that for breakfast.

Whatever, dude. If it was good enough to give you at night, it was good enough for the morning. So off to the towel-covered bed we traipsed, and he ate and giggled and all was well. I thought I removed all traces of food product from the towel (who am I kidding? I gave it a harried once-over on our way out the door. Let’s be real.) but I was wrong.

Cut to last night. So bone-tired that the idea of showering almost made me weep, I dragged myself and said towel back to the shower anyway.  I did the tasks on auto-pilot (but still completed all steps, unlike some people) but also with my eyes closed most of the time.

So that’s how I managed to shower with three small pieces of  turkey sausage littering the shower floor. When I did finally become aware of my foodie friends, my reaction was as follows:

1. What the heck is that?
2. That is disgusting.
3. Do I have to clean the shower right now, or can I just rinse it off and tell no one?
4. Blog post!

You’re welcome.


4 Responses to “And it came to pass that I took a shower alongside bits of turkey sausage”

  1. LOL! You do crack me up. I hope you don’t mind me following your blog. I am going with the maxim that if it is online it is public and you do make me laugh. If only I could inject an ounce of that light-heartdness into my blog. Here’s hoping it will rub off!! 😀

  2. PS the fact that we use the same blog-look or whatever they call it is purely coincidental. I chose mine before I stumbled across you. Just so you don’t think I am a proper stalker :p

  3. Miranda Says:

    I am freakishly ashamed to admit that I thought you’d stopped blogging. And this is the first day I’ve clicked over to see if there are any updates. (Why is your RSS feed in my reader? I have no idea. Probably because I just figured out what a Google reader is about a month ago. Seriously.)

    Anyway, dude, I feel you on the so tired you don’t even care, and I’m not doing this by myself. You’re awesome.

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