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Our Morning Routine September 7, 2010

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My child, like most toddlers (but also like me, so I take ownership), thrives on routine. Each morning that he’s with me goes like this:

before he wakes:
–toast 8 Earth’s Best miniwaffles (blueberry)
–lay out two pieces of cinnamon bread alongside the waffles
–turn the tv in my bedroom on to channel 13, KERA (since I am currently without a splitter, that means disconnecting the cable modem and reconnecting the actual cable. This is annoying.)
–turn on the bedside lamp
–asses TV volume for appropriate attention-grabbing to irritating ratio

upon waking him:
–relish how he curls against me as I lift him from his crib
–turn off the sound machine/fan
–take the prince to the kitchen to choose his breakfast
–lay him delicately on the bed, pillows perfectly positioned
–enjoy listening to him jabber (“Mama? Mama? Mama?” “What, baby?” “He he.”)and giggle as I get ready

What a great way to start the day.


3 Responses to “Our Morning Routine”

  1. (sorry, don’t mean to cyber-stalk… but I love your blog. Thank you!)

  2. cindie Says:

    I am a new mom so its fun to read about other moms baby adventures. I love your words!

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