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When Grandma Laughs at You September 5, 2010

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There’s something particularly stinging about being mocked (sweetly) by one’s own Grandma. I called to ask about the specifics of cooking a roast, since I bought a huge hunk o’ beef off a local farmer at the farmer’s market this morning.

Once she realized I wasn’t kidding, she equipped me with a seemingly simple plan of action.

Should my meager kitchen attempts prove fatal, I bequeath this blog to…anyone, I guess, because surely it won’t be more neglected than it already is.

Speaking of which, how many non-monetized toddler Mommy blogs are out there that are updated regularly? I’d like to see the stats on just how many moms who work full-time (either wrangling their possessed offspring or outside the home) collapse at the end of another day of mitigating howls of injustice and screams of discontent, and still have the brain power to string coherent sentences together.

Andrew is a wonderful, engaging, brilliant child. Except for when he’s not. Then he’s a whirling dervish of pissed-offed-ness, with little understanding of what set him off in the first place. I love him deeply and am so thankful to be his mama, even when he is thrust into full on rigor mortis tantrum action because I cannot peel a banana while carrying him and all our crap to the car in the morning. At that point, I’m also thankful for daycare. Not going to lie.

Tomorrow, I will get him back around lunch and hopefully take him out to my parents’ for the day, so there can be bubbles, hugs and more of this:


4 Responses to “When Grandma Laughs at You”

  1. mom Says:

    thanks for taking the time to update the blog. You would think I know enough about him daily to not need this fix. You do a wonderful job of writing and we anxiously await each posting. So glad you took the time to come and see us today. Love you both.

  2. I am part of the ‘we’ who awaits anxiously for each new post (even if not a conscious part of the we intended above). Love reading them. Love your humour.

    Now, you haven’t asked for advice, I know, so feel free to stop reading HERE. My kid is still a babe so actually I have no first hand wisdom to share, but a friend of mine who had kids who were energetic handfuls highly recomended the book ‘Raising Spirited Children’ You sound happy enough with things are they are and certainly sound like you are handling everything brilliantly but I find books comforting, especially the ones that make me feel I am doing good and which help me do some little things even better or with more forgiveness/understanding of myself… something like that, anyway.

    Thanks again for your witt and honesty. Cheers,

    • aggieonboard Says:

      Did I not reply to this lovely comment yet? Fail on my part. Thank you for taking the time to share all of that. If I didn’t want advice, it would be pretty stupid of me to put out a public blog, no? Bring it on!

  3. cindie Says:

    I love reading your sarcasim, spilled out into humorous phrases……it makes my spirit laugh. Thx.

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