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Dear Andrew (18 months) July 28, 2010

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My darling son,

You are a marvel, even as you develop the same way as generations upon generations have before you. That truth–that what you do is really not all that remarkable, considering–means nothing to me. Never did I imagine being completely entranced by video of a spastic arm-waving, circle-turning jig to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Nor did I expect to feel absolutely giddy at the sound of you saying your own name (even though right now it still sounds like you’re doing so through a jaw that’s been wired shut after a particularly nasty bar fight).  And yet, I am, because it is you who dances, and you who learns something new each day. You, the baby whom I created and nurtured in my own body (with the help of an inordinate amount of corn dogs) whom I nursed and burped and changed, you are a real person after all.

Your favorite thing to do at 18 months is absolutely anything that makes your Mama laugh, even if that’s dragging your face across the carpet with your hiney in the air. That also makes Mama thankful that she finally got around to vacuuming. I hope you always find joy in bringing a smile to the faces of those around you, both by being kind and by being kind of silly.

You make the best faces, and you give the best hugs. You make me slow down and cherish the small moments (even though, in the interest of full disclosure, I’m sometimes cherishing that moment right after you fall asleep for the night) and you make me see the big picture.

You have adapted so well and remained so sweet through all of the turmoil and for that, I am so thankful. You are constantly surrounded by people who love you and for now that has been enough. There will come a time when you ask questions, when you ask how and why your family came to be this way. We will be here to answer those questions as best we can, but the bottom line will always be this:

No matter what, you are and have always been loved as  immensely and protected as fiercely as any human who has ever walked the earth and for that also, I am so incredibly thankful.

All my love,



6 Responses to “Dear Andrew (18 months)”

  1. Bada Says:

    🙂 Beautifully written.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Also, according to that facebook picture the other day, he’s got a ton of hair now!

  3. Mackenzie Says:

    I know, he looks like a cute little boy in that picture and not a baby anymore.

  4. mom Says:

    I love the way he says the names of all of his family who loves him so much. To hear him so Mom with that growl, or look for Pop or grin when he says Mo or the way his says Mammie. Nana and Granpa and Dada are words he says clearly too. You are right, he is so loved by even more extended family. Your sweet note makes me tear up. I love that I get to spend as much time with him as I do. I am glad that you are only an hour and a half across traffic away from me and not 5 hours or 5 states away. You are a wonderful mom and we are thankful you share him so well. Love you both.

  5. Maggie Says:

    Just checking in – it has been a long while since you posted and I wanted to see what Andrew is up to.

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