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The chosen one June 25, 2010

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What’s going on with A, you ask?

He’s obsessed with being outside. He demands to be picked up, then points authoritatively toward the nearest exit. Failure to comply with his demands results in a complete and total meltdown that lasts just as long as it takes you to find a suitable distraction while attempting to staunch the bleeding from your ears.

He says new words every day and just started mimicking my behaviors. I wiped his nose with his recently-discarded pjs a few days ago (they were about to go in the wash, stop judging) and he held out his hands for them after. He turned and wiped the nose of a giant stuffed lion. I heaped on the praise like he’d won a Nobel Prize–and not even one of the easy ones like literature.

He’s halfway across the country with Mr. Aggie’s family for a wedding. The fact that my kid is in another state makes my heart stop and then hurt when it starts beating again.


2 Responses to “The chosen one”

  1. Miranda Says:

    I’m thinking of you all the time, Aggie. Glad A is in the running for the next Nobel Prize!

  2. weelass Says:

    I’m pretty sure A and O are the same child. Three full-on melt downs last night in the space of 2 1/2 hours because I wouldn’t take him outside rightthisveryminute.
    He doesn’t understand that grownups can’t go outside without pants.

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