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A little post while we wait June 7, 2010

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I’m waiting for A to drift off to dreamland, but he’s still writhing around in his crib yodeling and clutching his feet. I don’t know why I can’t go ahead and take my shower–it’s not like I’m going to run in there if he suddenly decides he wants to get out–but I just can’t do anything until I know he’s down for the count.

So while we wait, I’ll let you in on our new bedtime tradition. I know most families like to read a favorite book or whatever, but that’s not what bedtime is about for us. I didn’t realize it was our official routine until tonight, but apparently this is what we do:

1. Dinner (he starts saying “eat! eat!” as soon as we get home and grazes right up to the actual meal around 5:45).

2. Bath around 6:15

3. PJs, where he tries to be sly and kick me without me noticing. I always notice.

4. Snack. This is where it gets a little personalized. The snack is always yogurt. I always feed it to him (hello, he’ s bathed and clad in cutey-patootie footie pjs. No way he’s getting his hands on a utensil). I feed it to him as we sit on the kitchen floor, in the corner like it’s some kind of weirdo picnic.

What strange routines have you developed with your kids or spouses or pets?


3 Responses to “A little post while we wait”

  1. cindie Says:

    Well since Obadiah is only a month and a few days old we are still trying to establish routines but I have started reading to him and daily prayers and he generally falls to sleep on his dads chest. I look forward to firmly established routines.

  2. Our routine involves me pantomiming Joshua’s goodnight book–The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton. I have hand motions to go along with the story. Oh, and there’s that whole “letting him comb his own hair with the diaper cream tube” thing that’s pretty freaking cute.

  3. We say good-night to everything: good night lake, good night sky, goodnight toys, goodnight mirror… and then when we get up in the morning we go and say good morning to the world, on the balcony and we name all the things we can see: good morning trees, good morning geese!…

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