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The chosen one June 25, 2010

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What’s going on with A, you ask?

He’s obsessed with being outside. He demands to be picked up, then points authoritatively toward the nearest exit. Failure to comply with his demands results in a complete and total meltdown that lasts just as long as it takes you to find a suitable distraction while attempting to staunch the bleeding from your ears.

He says new words every day and just started mimicking my behaviors. I wiped his nose with his recently-discarded pjs a few days ago (they were about to go in the wash, stop judging) and he held out his hands for them after. He turned and wiped the nose of a giant stuffed lion. I heaped on the praise like he’d won a Nobel Prize–and not even one of the easy ones like literature.

He’s halfway across the country with Mr. Aggie’s family for a wedding. The fact that my kid is in another state makes my heart stop and then hurt when it starts beating again.


A funny thing happened on the way to the rest of my life June 19, 2010

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There’s karma and there’s consequences and there’s backstory I’m just not gonna share with the interwebs, but let’s all just know that I got mine.

And what, exactly, does one do when that happens? If you’re me, and you’ve always done the safe thing and followed the rules and sweet jesus NO I would never jaywalk don’t you know that’s illegal? then you do this.

You say, hey? you know what? I’m going to be alone and miserable this weekend, but I have a shiny card and there’s a city I love halfway across the country where I can wear two (two!) long-sleeved shirts in June and still feel a slight chill. There’s a city with awesome views and amazing opportunities for photography where I can walk down the street alone without fear and where I feel a modicum of familiarity. ¬†And most of all there’s a city that’s different from mine, and right now that’s worth all the credit card debt in the world.


A little post while we wait June 7, 2010

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I’m waiting for A to drift off to dreamland, but he’s still writhing around in his crib yodeling and clutching his feet. I don’t know why I can’t go ahead and take my shower–it’s not like I’m going to run in there if he suddenly decides he wants to get out–but I just can’t do anything until I know he’s down for the count.

So while we wait, I’ll let you in on our new bedtime tradition. I know most families like to read a favorite book or whatever, but that’s not what bedtime is about for us. I didn’t realize it was our official routine until tonight, but apparently this is what we do:

1. Dinner (he starts saying “eat! eat!” as soon as we get home and grazes right up to the actual meal around 5:45).

2. Bath around 6:15

3. PJs, where he tries to be sly and kick me without me noticing. I always notice.

4. Snack. This is where it gets a little personalized. The snack is always yogurt. I always feed it to him (hello, he’ s bathed and clad in cutey-patootie footie pjs. No way he’s getting his hands on a utensil). I feed it to him as we sit on the kitchen floor, in the corner like it’s some kind of weirdo picnic.

What strange routines have you developed with your kids or spouses or pets?