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Andrew at 16 months May 30, 2010

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Dear Andrew,

We’ve had the best weekend, haven’t we? You are so much fun at this age. I know I keep saying that, but for reals. I particularly loved our date at IHOP yesterday. We got so many compliments from other diners on your temperament and behavior. The squalling toddler two tables over only made you look better. You only got mad once, when I put the food away before you were ready. Pancake firmly in hand, life was right again.

Speaking of eating, sweet jesus you are a piggy right now. You eat from the moment you wake until you pass out at night. This morning you thrust your morning bottle at me as soon as you finished, pointed at the door and said “eat!” It’s officially your third word and I couldn’t be more proud.

We’re enjoying time with my parents and Uncle Moe today and I can’t wait for you to wake up from your nap so we can play some more. You’re the sweetest, most friendly little guy and I’m so glad that you’re mine.

All my love,



One Response to “Andrew at 16 months”

  1. Christine Says:

    Hands down, 15-18 months is my favorite age. I loved, loved, loved it when I was the lead teacher in the 12-18 month toddler room.

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