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And to think I wanted to auction it off with a cake walk May 27, 2010

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The house went on the market yesterday morning. Before A and I left in the morning I adjusted everything to the realtor’s staging requirements:

blinds open at a certain angle

lights on

everything clean

shotgun hidden (apparently she doesn’t have to give that instruction often)

soft music playing

Apparently, it worked. I got the request for a showing at 3:00, and then later a reshowing at 7:00. I was enjoying some fine patio dining and wine with a great friend when the realtor let me in on the happy news.

They made an offer, y’all.

And they’re paying cash. (Yeah, that’s weird to me, too. No I don’t know why. No, I don’t care if they turn it into a grow house.)

Oh, and they need to move in before the 15th.

Do overpasses have wi-fi?


7 Responses to “And to think I wanted to auction it off with a cake walk”

  1. Rachel Says:


    Good luck with that move–holy cow. But congratulations on selling the house. For cash. Nancy once told me that her parents paid for their house in cash, but they’re the opposite of sketchy, so I think it just had to do with them not wanting to bother with loans, interest, etc.

    • Beth Says:

      HOLY SHIT!

      That is so incredibly awesome. Yes, getting out that quick will suck donkey cajones, but it’s better than waiting around for years (like my neighbor) waiting for someone to buy.

      • aggieonboard Says:

        You are so right. I’ve got a couple of promising leads so hopefully it will all work out.

    • aggieonboard Says:

      yeah, the couple is apparently legit. They are buying the house for their daughter and don’t believe in financing. Fine by me!

  2. C.Carnley Says:


  3. Susan Says:

    No, but my house has WiFi and a playhouse for A.

  4. Miranda Says:

    HOLY CRAP! THAT IS AMAZING!! Woot! So glad you’re selling it so quickly!

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