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Shout-out to the momma May 12, 2010

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My poor mom gets no respect. She’s the Rodney Dangerfield of moms. (She’ll tell you, too.) My brother and I decided many years ago to start calling out to her as ‘Maaaaaaaaaaaaam’ in a high-pitched farm animal voice whenever she left the room. We mix up the pitch and tonality, trading off until we’ve maximized the annoyance factor. We are so ungrateful.

Yet today, I want to use this space to give props to my mom. Thanks to her unending love for and devotion to all things HGTV, I do not fear what the prospective realtor will say when she scopes out my house tonight. There are still a couple of things I need to change, like removing the giant glass vases holding christmas ornaments from the top of the kitchen cabinets (don’t judge! They look nice. In December.) for example, but overall I think it looks pretty good.  Mom always puts the TV on that channel when she is with A, so I’m hoping he’ll do a walkthrough and suggest some changes before the realtor arrives.

I hope things go quickly, and yet I don’t. The idea of paying the mortgage alone is daunting, but it’s heartbreaking to consider moving out of A’s first home. Given that about twelve houses in my subdivision went up for sale last week, I think I still have time to come to terms with it.


2 Responses to “Shout-out to the momma”

  1. MacKenzie Says:

    One of the things that makes me sad about having a home birth in our current place is that it is a rental and we will have to leave with only our memories of that and baby’s first months when we move. It already makes me emotional. Of course, I’m assuming they will be good memories 🙂 but I understand your sorrow.

  2. mom Says:

    You have an unusual perspective of a childs first home because you had the same room from your first night home from the hospital until you went off to college. That is a very rare thing. A just needs you to take care of him and love him, he doesn’t care where it is. We would have moved if we had gotten to build at Rock Bottom or we looked at other bigger houses a couple of times, just wasn’t meant to be. I lived in lots of houses growing up and it wasn’t hard until I was in high school. A is use to different places so he will be ok.

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