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A contradiction April 23, 2010

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This is the me that I know. The comfortable me. The one who doesn’t wear eyeliner for fear of looking like Amy Winehouse, or like a pirate once the eye patch becomes a necessity.  The I Don’t Need a Man and SATC, WTF? me.  The give me power tools or give me death me.


Recently, I’ve taken on some new behaviors that are moving me away from this version of myself. I’m baking cookies and buying shoes. Wearing dresses and fixing my hair. Even looking at beautiful things like this:

(found at beautiful places like this)

So now, I’m unsure. Am I changing? Or pretending? Growing? Or running? Justified? Or overthinking?


9 Responses to “A contradiction”

  1. Miranda Says:

    That bag??



    And I just posted yesterday about ways in which I’ve suddenly decided to take care of myself more. I’ve always been sort of girly-yet-take-no-prisoners, but lately, I just kind of want to be girly.

  2. mom Says:

    You are growing, changing, becoming the person you are suppose to be. What does SATC mean? You can tell me Sunday if you need to. Love you.

    • aggieonboard Says:

      Don’t worry, mom, it’s nothing scandalous. It’s the acronym for Sex and the City, the show/movie.

  3. Hilary Says:

    I think it’s called evolving 🙂
    I’ve gone through giant life changes before, when I made it through to the other side, I was still me, but a different version, kind of a ‘tempered by fire’ kind of me.
    You sound like a beautiful, strong, self confident woman, don’t overthink it, go with it!

  4. Rachel Says:

    I’d hold off on worrying about this until you start liking SATC. (I’m pretty sure that show hates women.)

  5. Sarah Says:

    Hey! I like it! Plus you can learn to be both. I am the girly girl with a farming background. I like to get down and dirty and work hard, but I like to dress up and be a girl too (they do make pink handguns too!). You will become comfortable in the person you are supposed to be. It will be an every changing process too! Good luck and have fun!

  6. angie Says:

    hi there! so glad you like my Emery Lin bag! (i noticed a surge of hits on my site and found out they were from you and your loyal followers!) just wanted to thank you for posting one of my bags! oh, and your son is adorable! and i just bought the same red wagon this past week…my boys are so in love with it! i can’t believe we have gone all this time without one…somehow i never realized how useful they are 🙂
    anyway, just wanted to say hi!

    • aggieonboard Says:

      Welcome, Angie! Sorry it took so long to get your comment posted; you were inadvertently spammed. A loves that wagon. We use it to hold his toys when it’s not holding him.

      I really love your bags. I’m going to order one as soon as I can decide which. (And none of you punks better get the one I want, either.)

      Can’t wait to check out your blog, too!

  7. WolfSong Says:

    Nothing wrong or odd with mixing the girly girl with the rugged girl. In fact, I believe it makes for a well rounded woman. You can handle anything! *grins* As long as your comfortable in your own skin, that’s all that matters…

    On the subject of pink guns…I had Hubby dismantle an old .22 we have, and I custom painted a shades of pink camo on the stock. Way nicer than the store bought pink versions I’ve seen. My pink splotches are pin-up girl silhouettes. Got the idea from some really cool fabric.

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