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Andrew vs. The Clippers March 16, 2010

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Andrew has had two haircuts in his life. Both were simple trims involving a few snips with scissors, nothing more.

But this

This was a cry for something more.

He seemed to know something different was about to befall him.

Apparently he was right to be concerned. Clippers, you see, are not our friends.

Like many adults, though, he found a cold one on the porch helped to ease the sting from the traumatic event.


One Response to “Andrew vs. The Clippers”

  1. Miranda Says:

    I am so not looking forward to the day I have to cut Joshua’s sweet baby curls off 😦

    I might become one of those crazy ladies who picks the tufts of hair up out of the floor and tapes them in the baby book.

    Well, if I HAD a baby book for him, that is.

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