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Speak up, kid. March 12, 2010

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So A still isn’t talking. He’s constantly babbling, and directing his minions to do his bidding through pointing and caveman grunts, but he doesn’t say any “words.”

No mama. No dog. No ball. Nothing.

Everything is still na-na-na-na. He mimics like crazy and loves to click his tongue. Maybe he’s using sonar? Who knows. All I know is, I’m starting to get worried.

Also? Sunday is my birthday. For reasons that should be blatantly obvious, I’m not the most stoked about it this year. I am quite excited that A and I are going back to Mayberry for a few days, though, so I can spend it with my family. A will be fawned over (more than usual, even) and I will be able to lounge around, pork up, and read. Magnificent.

God it’s hard to write when everything I want to say is verboten. It’s like there’s a giant elephant in the room and he’s parked his fat butt right here on my keyboard.


8 Responses to “Speak up, kid.”

  1. C. Carnley Says:

    Have a wonderful birthday. I hope everything is ok!

  2. Kelly Says:

    Colin still isn’t talking either and he’s only a week away from 15 months. His 15 month appointment is on Monday and I’m wondering what the pedi will say about this. She was fine with him not having any words at 12 months but I didn’t ask when she would worry.
    I think being a teacher is almost making it worse. I keep wondering why I can’t ‘teach’ my kid to talk when I can teach other kids so many things.

  3. Miranda Says:

    I hope you’re having a great birthday! Really. And I feel you on the Sonar. Or maybe it’s some weird African tribal language. Isn’t there one that just sounds like clicks? And grunts?

    Yeah. That’s what we’ve got in our house, too.

  4. Christine Says:


  5. Stephanie Says:

    A and L must be sending each other messages over the distance, we text, and they pretend to be dolphins.

  6. Jennifer Says:

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday in spite of everything going on. I think we can all guess what that elephant is, and it’s just got to be so rough for you right now. The two of you are in my thoughts.

    And my little guy also isn’t in a huge rush to start saying any words. The only word he likes to say is “da-da” . . . for EVERYTHING. His father, of course, thinks he’s a genius. All attempts to get the little one to say “mama” are received with a blank stare. Oh well.

    • aggieonboard Says:

      That’s sweet of you to say. Things are going pretty well, actually. I feel you on the mama, for real.

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