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Interwebs, meet my meal ticket. March 19, 2010

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He’s certainly no Chuck, but we’re getting there.


Andrew vs. The Clippers March 16, 2010

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Andrew has had two haircuts in his life. Both were simple trims involving a few snips with scissors, nothing more.

But this

This was a cry for something more.

He seemed to know something different was about to befall him.

Apparently he was right to be concerned. Clippers, you see, are not our friends.

Like many adults, though, he found a cold one on the porch helped to ease the sting from the traumatic event.


Let’s celebrate my birthday by completely subverting my parental authority

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Otherwise known as, never take a nap before the grandparents have frosted your birthday cake.  (Be sure to hang in until the 1:47 mark, where A begrudgingly shares with my grandma. It’s pretty much downhill from there.)


Speak up, kid. March 12, 2010

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So A still isn’t talking. He’s constantly babbling, and directing his minions to do his bidding through pointing and caveman grunts, but he doesn’t say any “words.”

No mama. No dog. No ball. Nothing.

Everything is still na-na-na-na. He mimics like crazy and loves to click his tongue. Maybe he’s using sonar? Who knows. All I know is, I’m starting to get worried.

Also? Sunday is my birthday. For reasons that should be blatantly obvious, I’m not the most stoked about it this year. I am quite excited that A and I are going back to Mayberry for a few days, though, so I can spend it with my family. A will be fawned over (more than usual, even) and I will be able to lounge around, pork up, and read. Magnificent.

God it’s hard to write when everything I want to say is verboten. It’s like there’s a giant elephant in the room and he’s parked his fat butt right here on my keyboard.