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Squee! My first hate mail! February 18, 2010

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Two things, and then nothing else:
1. I have never claimed innocence in regards to my marital struggles. I have claimed, however, that the particulars of our situation are NUNYA.
2. I am eternally grateful for comment moderation, which enables me to prevent nosy Nellies from expressing their opinions on my blog. “It’s my blog and I’ll spam who I want to / Spam who I want to…”
3. I’m really excited about my tortilla soup and turkey sandwich. I know I said only two, but this one’s not related so it’s okay. And if it’s not, see #2.


5 Responses to “Squee! My first hate mail!”

  1. Carnley Says:

    Someone gave hate mail????

  2. aggieonboard Says:

    Indeed. Someone “in the know” and yet “nameless.” I’d also add “lacking mastery of the rudimentary elements of English grammar” but that would just be petty.

  3. cindie Says:

    I love it! Even in the midst of your pain and frustration u find a way to be sarcastically funny. You are radder than u know. Worry u got hate mail.

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