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Just in case I needed to be reminded of what a blogging FAIL I am February 12, 2010

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My Christmas post is still on the first page, here in mid-February. I rule.

I’m a fail at so many things right now. Some it’s reasonable for me to be down on myself for (the demise of my marriage, for one), others not so much. (Does A not walk yet because I’ve pulled his hips out of socket by lifting his legs up for diaper changes for 365+ consecutive days?)

As we wait for him to wake from a morning nap, let’s ruminate on all the areas in which I suck, suck, suck.

Le blog, for one. For all you know we never made it out of pediatric urgent care and I’m still at the facility, beating the shit out of the incompetent receptionist.  I’ve said nothing about his birthday and even stopped taking his monthly pictures at nine months.

With all the relationship drama, breastfeeding just kind of stopped. A was with Mr. Aggie for the weekend and I couldn’t make myself pump, knowing the girls were failing me anyway. I fear I will regret this for quite a long time.

This post is depressing, and it’s my blog so I’ll quit when I want to. Here’s a happy picture to get the bitter-blogger taste out of your mouth.


9 Responses to “Just in case I needed to be reminded of what a blogging FAIL I am”

  1. MacKenzie Says:

    Ah, the bitter blogger post, I do think I was at that point just a few days ago. I think sometimes it is a necessity when you blog about your life because sometimes life just stinks. I’m sorry you’re going through a rough patch right now but on the bright side, you have one of the cutest 1-year olds I know.

  2. Rachel Says:

    I have some miscellaneous thoughts:

    I’m not an expert, but a whole year of breastfeeding sounds really impressive to me.

    You’re right, don’t worry about Andrew’s hips. He’ll walk when he feels like it. (I came out butt first, did have real problems with my hips, and walked without problems, so he’ll be fine.)

    That crown is adorable. How did it stay on his head?

  3. Miranda Says:

    I ditto Rachel. A year is MONUMENTAL! WTG!

    And he’ll walk when he’s good and ready. Just think. Once he’s walking, he becomes Juggernaut, and the only way to stop him will be to trap him between the floors of your house. Or tie him up. Which I’m told is frowned upon by people who know.

    Super hugs to you, aggie. Super hugs. And slobbery Joshua kisses (which might actually be an attempt to eat you. The jury is still out).

  4. Bada Says:

    *Huge Hugs* I can totally relate to life stopping. I gave up on my blog when DH & I decided to divorce last month. I don’t seem to have anything but major venting that I would never want Logan to read so it sits abandoned. If you want to talk or vent, let me know.

  5. cindie Says:

    I know what its like to go thru hard times and the only thing that will come out is angry, frustrated venting. I just want u to know that even though u feel like you’re venting, I still love reading what u have to say so vent on my blog friend……vent on!

  6. Sara Says:

    I just wrote the bitter blogger post myself. And to randomly offer support here… I think your year of breastfeeding is amazing, and hope to make it there myself.

    And your boy looks happy, give him some extra hugs and maybe the happy will rub off on you? Worth a shot anyway.

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