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Life’s detritus January 24, 2010

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Things are moving along here in the Aggie household, as they are in all households across the globe and as they shall continue to be until the Earth ceases to rotate or el jefe destroys the planet (note to self: write future post on the fuzzy math of the End Times).

We’re existing in an awkward state of civil symbiosis. We’ve never been fighters and we’ve not started now. I’m proud of us for that. This morning, Mr. Aggie is heading off to church and I am going to curl up with The Portable Atheist. We’ve achieved the same balance here in the spiritual realm, I think, as we have in our home life.  There’s a mutual respect that is greater than our differences. I know we’re both committed to keeping it that way.

In happier news, Andrew is almost one year old. Holy cow! I can’t imagine being the mom of a toddler. I’m just getting used to the idea that I was the mom to a fetus.

Here is the almost-birthday boy, showing off his driving skills.

And here, he illustrates his “shhh” skills for the cat. At Mr. Aggie’s parents’ house, the cats aren’t his biggest fans. He knows he has to “shhh” when they are around. He’s brought the habit home, occasionally shh-ing around Lars though he still beats her about the head mercilessly.

And just for fun.


4 Responses to “Life’s detritus”

  1. Miranda Says:

    I would like to get Joshua and Andrew together. They could bond over their mutual love of things like 2-liter bottles and coasters.

    He’s too cute!

  2. Rachel Says:

    I wonder what he was trying to tell you about the person on the Diet Dr. Pepper label.

    • aggieonboard Says:

      He seems to say “nananana” for “mama” so I’m afraid he may have been making a comparision between myself and the bobbleheaded blonde on the label.

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