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Good Question December 26, 2009

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Mr. Aggie, Andrew and I have thoroughly enjoyed Christmas at my parents.

There have been a lot of these.

Two of which we don’t know how we’ll get home.

But the best part has been spending time with family during the only one of these I can remember.

Around noon, we trotted out all the fabulous food leftover from yesterday. I looked from Mr. Aggie to my parents, who were fawning over A and offering him different samples of the food (again).

“Remind me, why are we leaving?” I asked.

Mr. Aggie looked back, the wheels already turning. “I don’t have plans. As long as I get to watch football tomorrow, I’m good.” (Oh, to be a man. Life seems so much simpler.)

So instead of loading down the SUV and trekking back home today, we’ve decided to wait until the morning. Which is awesome, because I just started my third book since we’ve been here.


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