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And that’s why I am the way I am December 19, 2009

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My family, like yours, has our own peculiar holiday habits. Last year I introduced a new one with a heartfelt gift I gave my dad.

Isn’t he hideous? I insisted that he be displayed prominently and Dad, being the good sport he is, complied.

Fast forward about 358 days. We’re exchanging gifts with one side of the family but aren’t going to open our gifts to/from each other until next weekend. With the exception of this one giant box that dad insists ¬†I open.

I should have seen it coming. I know that now. But at the time, I was all OOOH! A GIFT! FOR ME!!! and everyone had their cameras ready and I thought, this is either really awesome, or it’s going to be really funny. Whichever it is, make sure you get my good side.

And then I felt it. And I knew.

He found it after-Christmas shopping last year. He’s been holding on to it for an entire trip around the sun, waiting to get me back.

Please note how incredibly uneven his eyes are. Dad went back to get this one specifically for that reason, because he knew it would drive me BONKERS.

He said we can call a truce, but I’m not about to back down now. It’s just starting to get interesting, now that we expect it.

Also? I can’t wait to put this in my office and watch people struggle to find the proper reaction. It’s going to be fabulous.


2 Responses to “And that’s why I am the way I am”

  1. stephaniekb Says:

    That is too cool for words. I love it!

  2. Miranda Says:

    I love it! My in-laws have a “junk tree” and every year we go on the quest to find the most ridiculous ornament we can. Very often, we’re able to find something incredibly hilarious and we all get a good chuckle out of it. I love traditions like this!

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