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Bullet points are in order December 5, 2009

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Mommy lived it up at Happy Hour last night, so the brain’s a bit foggy this morning. But since I haven’t posted at all in December, and because I want to share some cute videos for the first time (thank you, Black Friday flip camera) I’m just going to start writing.

But first (see, so organized already!), a completely irrelevant video of Andrew trying to figure out a banana. He went through a phase where he loved, loved, loved bananas. As you can see from his face, that time has ended. Note: the video is longer than necessary. Watch if it all if you want, but the first fifteen seconds tell you all you need to know.

  • Can I just say how freaking awesome it was to sit down at a table full of coworkers after work yesterday and enjoy an adult beverage (or two)? Oh, how I needed that. And all I had to do was ask. I’m thinking of asking every week.
  • In an hour or two Andrew is heading to spend the night with Mr. Aggie’s parents. I don’t know who is more excited, them or me. The first time he left for an overnight trip I stood in the driveway and cried. This time I will stand in the driveway and dance a jig. All of you non-babyraisers out there who are now all huffy about my eagerness to offload my kid may pick from the following responses: a) You have NO IDEA what it is like to be responsible for every need of another being for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and thus how intoxicating it is to be able to hand that responsibility over to anyone someone else for a short period of time or b) EFF YOU.
  • Tonight is my staff Christmas party. I love, love, love this event. It’s fascinating to see people socially that you normally only see minding their p’s and q’s as they educate the next generation. Put those same people in a bar and watch the magic happen. Then there’s the whole spouse aspect. With some, it’s like, oh yeah they totally fit. With others it’s more like, you have some esplaining to do. Not to mention, my white elephant gift is awesome. It’s the perfect white elephant (sidenote: why is it called  “white elephant?” Someone google that for me, please and thank you.) gift because 75 % of people will laugh hysterically and 25 % would scalp their own mothers to get their paws on it.
  • As soon as I put Andrew on the street in the Grandpa wagon that’s about an hour late so far, I’m heading out to do some shopping and get a haircut. I’m going to new person in a new salon and I’m skeered. My hair is simple, but it’s not. Cut it right and it’s extremely low maintenance. Cut it wrong and I look like Chelsea Clinton circa 1994. So why not take the chance a couple of hours before a major social engagement? This is my idea of living on the edge.

And finally, how cute is this?


7 Responses to “Bullet points are in order”

  1. Craig Says:

    Your videos are private, and I can’t view them.

    White elephant

  2. cindie Says:

    You always crack me up with your wittiness and wise cracks. THX for the smile.

  3. Miranda Says:

    He’s adorable, Aggie. Absolutely precious. And I totally know what you mean about loving the opportunity to go out with adult friends for adult beverages after work. If I were in TX, I’d take you out for a drink myself! (Does that make me sound like a stalker??)

  4. Mandy Says:

    i about died laughing on that first video. his faces are priceless! oh and the paragraph about handing the baby over? word.

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