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Happy Halloween. And Stuff. November 3, 2009

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The plan was to take Andrew around to the neighbors we know and the ones we’ve always intended to meet. His schedule was completely wrong and a recipe for disaster. We pressed on, suited up our little lobster, and hit the road.


First attempt.



Second attempt.



At this point he began to get worried that no one would witness his adorableness.


We pressed on.


We met one really nice couple, but that was it. Due to an oversight on our part, we also didn’t have any trick or treaters. We made sure to turn on the porch light. We didn’t make sure to turn off the motion activation. Still, Halloween was a roaring success because…


We found the perfect solution to handling Daylight Savings Time with an infant. We sent him to his grandparents for the night. ‘Twas magnificent.



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