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My life sucks! But good news! October 27, 2009

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First, the suckage. Andrew is still really, really sick. We don’t know exactly what it is. (I’d like my $60 back, Mr. Pediatrician. Please and thank you.) At this point we’re HOPING it’s the flu. Not really what I expected to be saying. He’s sleeping in 1.5-2 hour spurts around the clock. The pedi believes it will improve over the next day or so. He may also have only said that because he sees the crazy in my eyes.

Mr. Aggie and I are both home with him today. The plan was for us to trade off sick baby duty since I was up every two hours with Andrew the night before and also went to work yesterday. The plan was NOT for Mr. Aggie to wake up with chills and a slight fever in the middle of the night. I’m considering locking him in the guest room and installing a doggy door through which I can disperse equal parts fluids and lysol.

The little guy is napping now so I should be too, since that’s the only break I’ll be getting. But first! I had to share this awesome news! My only Conservative friends Two wonderful people have made themselves a baby! I’m so excited for them and baby “Nigel.” Despite their misguided political leanings, I have every confidence that Nigel is one lucky guy/gal to be created and raised by such loving and dedicated parents. I’m also glad that my oversharing hasn’t dissuaded them from the endeavor altogether.

And with that, I bid you goodnight. May your day be fantastico, and may my husband not be snoring lest I finally succumb to my overwhelming yet unwarranted urge to bash his head in with the baby monitor.

Have a nice day!


2 Responses to “My life sucks! But good news!”

  1. Craig Says:

    Thanks! We will rely on your experiences for guidance as we go forward. Mainly in the “don’t do what she did” way. Just kidding.

  2. aggieonboard Says:

    Ha! You’re not too far off base on that one…

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