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Has it really been almost a week? October 16, 2009

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Come on in and have a seat. Let’s catch up.

  • I’m so tired my eyeballs hurt. Thank goodness Andrew is STTN, because work is brutal.
  • Tracy from the Biggest Loser irritates me to no end. I hate her freaky bug eyes, too.
  • We’re going to a couples’ baby shower/barbeque tomorrow. We only know the dad-to-be so I’m nervous about how we’ll meet people/fit in. Maybe there will be one of those hyper-competitive moms there and I can accelerate all of A’s milestones just to see if she get’s bug-eyed a la Tracy.  
  • I’m pretty excited about our Halloween costumes. I’m even more excited that they aren’t going to cost more than $10 for both of us.
  • Andrew’s costume on the other hand…
  • Did I tell you that he’s ‘army crawling’ very effectively now? It’s pretty cute. The cat is not amused. Maybe because it’s harder for her to escape this:



3 Responses to “Has it really been almost a week?”

  1. Mandy Says:

    my hubs and i seriously say the most hateful things when we’re watching tracy on the biggest loser. she’s a complete psycho with crazy devil eyes. don’t even get me started on the fact that they kept her around last week.

    p.s. that picture is too cute.

    • aggieonboard Says:

      Now I think about you guys whenever we watch it. I wonder if they bribed the contestants to keep her? Hmm…..

  2. mrs.maybride Says:

    Love the picture of Andrew with the cat. Joshua has recently decided that Annie, the 90 pound goldendoodle, is his personal play toy and when she licks his head, he’s in heaven. It’s precious, really.

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