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A Day of Firsts October 10, 2009

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Dear Andrew,

I was so excited when you woke up today. I couldn’t wait to tell you what all is in store. First, we took care of breakfast. After twelve hours of sleep (for both of us!) we were all ready for you to eat (me, you, and the girls).

Per our custom on the weekends, after breakfast we went to sit on the deck. Usually the sun shines brightly and the grackles greet you. Today it was overcast and cold, with nary a grackle in sight. Oh, I wish I could have captured your face at that moment. You’ve never really been outside when it’s cold, save for a couple of walks around the neighborhood when you were first born. And then we dressed you in fourteen layers, a hat, and a blanket just in case. You were so surprised this morning!

Do you remember what I said to you? “Andrew, this is what fall feels like. You’ve never felt it before because this time last year you were in my tummy.” And then I just sat with that thought for a minute because how amazing is that?

After your first autumnal experience, we came inside to play. You crawled all around the living room and showed me how you’re getting smarter every day. Today you were all about taking things out (i.e. making a giant mess for Daddy to clean up later). I hope that putting things back will be the next skill you work on, but I hear it’s a pretty hard one for boys to master.

I took lots of pictures and didn’t worry about the messes in the background. Those pictures are just for us, just so I can capture this one ordinary Saturday morning when the laundry basket was overflowing and my pajama pants had cinnamon roll frosting on them and you just wanted to crawl over to your mommy.

When I sat down to write this letter you were crawling around and playing in your crib. It’s quiet now, I think you’ve dozed off. You always manage to put your head in the one corner of the crib the camera doesn’t show, but your feet are still and I think you’re dreaming baby dreams.

Later today we’ll try on your Halloween costume, and then, well, there’s the biggest first of all.

You’re getting your first haircut today, Andrew. That’s right, the hair hanging over your ears will be no more. I have really been looking forward to this event even though it’s yet another milestone that signals your march toward surly teenager.

I’m so lucky to be your Mom. I hope you’ll always feel lucky to be my child.




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