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That came out of nowhere. October 5, 2009

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Two hours ago I was rocking my baby to sleep and starting to doze off myself.

Now, here I sit, terrified after reading about the new study linking the Hep B vaccine to autism. Boys who receive the vaccine are three times as likely to end up on the autism spectrum.

I really regret not asking more questions about vaccines. Autism is something I really worry about–I don’t know why, I just do.

What an awful feeling.


4 Responses to “That came out of nowhere.”

  1. cvillecouple Says:

    I would be very wary reading ANYTHING that links vaccines to autism. This has been scientifically studied hundreds of times and shown NO connection. The authors of the original study that linked vaccines to autism have now come out and said that it was not true. Please rest assured that you did the right thing vaccinating your child! Hepatitis B (among others) kills people. I worry about autism too for my little boy, but vaccines are not going to cause it.

  2. Gina Says:

    Hi! I’m normally a lurker but I just thought I’d throw this out there in case it will ease your mind at all.

    This new study is actually an abstract from a poster session, meaning the authors’ research has not been peer-reviewed and has not been published in a respected scientific journal. That is absolutely crucial in the world of science. There is simply very little known about how these scientists conducted their research. Until this “research” has been verified by other scientists and published, it simply has no weight behind it. Please try not to worry.

    • aggieonboard Says:

      That is so reassuring. Mr. Aggie found the abstract via his grad school and sent me some fancypants numerical craziness to ease my mind, too.

      Thanks for coming out to share that.

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