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This day is awesome. September 26, 2009

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You aren’t sure if I’m being sarcastic, are you?

WELL I’M NOT. Andrew slept twelve hours without needing boob. Then we played for an hour. Then he took a two hour nap while Mr. Aggie and I watched House. (Fantastic, by the way.)

And now? When he wakes up?


I am so excited. Based on the information about, you know how I feel about this, our first family trip to the park.

I’ve been running around getting things together while the Mr. watched TV. I’ve sprinted to and fro, muttering benadryl! blanket! thermos! moisturizer (I don’t know why)! camera!

When he could ignore my pointed glares no longer, he rose leasiurely from his recliner and announced that he’d help me–but he needed a shower first.


I can’t pack anything else until Andrew wakes up. Then it’s time to feed him, dress him, pack the diapers/outfits/etc that are in his room and




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