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Aperture and alcohol September 25, 2009

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I’ve recently learned two things about my father in law that make him awesome. One is that he’s quick to share. He knows I long for a digital SLR camera, so he let me borrow his without my even asking or salivating over it (excessively). As he pointed out, the whole purpose for him buying it was to take pictures of Andrew so I might as well take temporary custody.

The second is that the man makes a fan-freaking-tastic margarita. That’s not the point of this post, but it is very useful information.


Anyway, so far I’ve only messed with the camera three times and I’m usually  just leaving it on fully automatic. Before I figured out where/how to manipulate the shutter speed/ISO/aperture, etc this is what I mananged to  capture:


Awesome, right? I have such talent, y’all. (I hear Britney Spears in my head when I type something like that. Just so you know.)

When I stay out of the camera’s way, though, I can capture moments like this:


He’s always so happy, except for when he isn’t.


And even then, he’s just mildly irritated and over this whole ‘trying to become mobile’ thing.

So then we went outside to see what we could capture.

He found some grass.


I found some fantastic expressions.


And these expressions? These came straight from his Mama’s middle-fingers-in-the-air genes. I’m so proud!




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