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Updating from work. Don’t tell. September 24, 2009

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Andrew’s appointment update:

1. He was (is) sick. He has herpangina, which sounds like a derogatory term tossed about in high school boys’ locker rooms, but actually means he’s got sores at the back of his throat. He also has a rash (not bacne) that can occur with the virus but usually doesn’t.

2. His weight is fine. He’s in the 50th-75th for weight now which bothers me but not the pedi. He reassured me that Andrew is “the picture of health” and pointed out his thunder thighs (affectionately).  He reminded me that the chart is based on formula babies and may not be accurate for bf’ed little ones. Still, I worry. That’s what mommies do.

3. Work is enjoyable. In fact, I’m rushing through this post so I can get back to doing it.

4. Twilight is okay. Still good. I took it to bed, intending to read for awhile, but ended up watching TV with Mr. Aggie instead. (I hardly ever watch TV, but we DVR’ed Modern Family. It was pretty funny. I don’t remember the last time a sitcom made me actually laugh. Oh, yes I do. ‘Twas the era of Will and Grace and Friends. Tear.)

I turned off the TV and my bedside lamp without remembering that Twilight was waiting for me, which isn’t a good sign.


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