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The one in which I brag on myself. Just a little. September 24, 2009

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Let me just say first that none of this would have happened if Mr. Aggie hadn’t come home on work on time, meaning he was there when we arrived and could watch Stinks while I worked.

Back in the days pre-Stinks, the Mr. did all the cooking. I would get home hours before him, exercise, then sit on the couch pitifully until he got home and cooked. ‘Twas pathetic, but it worked for me. I never had 20 episodes of Oprah waiting for me on the DVR back in those days, that’s for sure.

All that has changed now. Since dinner for us + feeding Andrew + bath for him+ bed for him all collide in one hour and a half span of potential disaster, I can’t afford to sit on my duff when we get home. I usually let Andrew spend some time with a boob or two then get to work on dinner for us or breakfast muffins. Tonight, I went above and beyond. It started when our dinner menu went all to crap despite Mr. Aggie’s insistence that I could substitute bean dip for refried beans in my nachos. No thanks.

On the fly, I ended up making a pizza with what we had on hand. It wasn’t particularly innovative, granted, but it was friggin’ brilliant for a recipe-following novice like me.

Alongside the pizza in the oven were two gigantic, perfectly ripe, organic peaches baking to perfection. As soon as they were done I peeled and pureed them for Andrew. I served them warm and froze the rest. They were added to the puree collection of avocado (which he tried again and liked! Yay!), organic banana (I swear, he can taste the difference) and baked delicata squash (which he loves).

I invented a pizza and baked peaches, y’all. I used to make my husband cook my corn dogs, remember?


One Response to “The one in which I brag on myself. Just a little.”

  1. mrs.maybride Says:

    Look at you becoming a regular Martha Stewart!


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