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An unexpected reprieve September 23, 2009

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I’ve had such a leisurely morning. Andrew is napping; he’ll be up soon. We have a pedi appointment at 10:10 because he’s developed a rash? I think? Or he has bacne and the pedi is going to laugh at me?

He’s been pooping more than usual the last few days (as in three times a day versus once a day or every other day) and he hasn’t been interested in solids. I think he might just be teething and I will probably get laughed at, but the on-call nurse said better safe than sorry.

I’ve been wanting to get his weight checked and talk about my lagging supply, so this comes at a good time. While I wait, though, I’ve been reading Twilight. It’s pretty entertaining, but not the Earth-shattering literary experience I was led to believe. My theory–and i’m only 200 pages in, so I could be wrong–is that it’s simply “good” not “revolutionary” but people don’t realize it. So far, those people who told me “OMG, it will change your LIFE.” aren’t voracious readers (with a couple of exceptions.) Maybe they don’t know there are many books out there that are just as engaging?

Either way, Edward and Bella have helped me wile away the morning while Andrew naps peacefully and I wait to be openly mocked at the doctor’s office.

Oh, and my school has swine flu H1N1. Good times.


3 Responses to “An unexpected reprieve”

  1. stephaniekb Says:

    I totally agree on Twilight. It’s good, but not the life changing experience that I was told it was.
    Hope the pedi appt goes well.

  2. mrs.maybride Says:

    I am a voracious reader and also felt the Twilight series was “good.” I loved it because it was a break from my usual reading, but in retrospect realize that it’s written for tweens and teens and as such can only ever be “good” when compared to much superior novels such as Eat, Pray, Love or The Art of Racing in the Rain or The Time Traveler’s Wife.

    Sorry about the rash and the supply.

  3. Craig Says:

    I’ve been “encouraged” to read Twilight. It was apparently written by a 14 year old. I’m sick of hearing about how Edward is sooooooooo dreamy.

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