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I’m posting something! Meaningful! September 1, 2009

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I’m surrounded by post-couponing detritus, my baby is howling his dismay at being put down for a nap, dinner needs to be cooked and other evening chores beckon, but I can’t seem to quit you, oh internets.

This is a crucial time for my blog, I think. We’ve run out of easy material (pregnancy! milking! not sleeping!) and now I have to dig deep and keep it interesting. I might actually have to work at it.

I hope I’m better at blogging than at exercising. This is the part in a training regimen when the metaphorical ass meets the spandex. That’s usually the part where I curl up with a tub of ice cream and watch Biggest Loser (for motivation and inspiration, and to indulge my raging girl crush on Jillian.)

Holy cow, y’all. You should hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth (all four of them) coming from Andrew’s room. We’ve been traveling for a few days and he’s all out of sorts sleep-wise. I decided to just let him cry it out for this nap (with periodic checks) in preparation for our re-Ferberization. I’m waiting until after we go to the in-laws this weekend to really crank it back up.

What was I saying? Oh yeah. Jillian.

There is a point to this post and it’s not her. I was thinking this morning how the recession has been good for my family. In some ways it’s been a drag–I mean, we have to actually THINK before we BUY. Gah–* but in others it’s give us such a gift.

For example, cutbacks at Mr. Aggie’s work have given us one thing we wouldn’t have had otherwise, and that’s evenings with him here. Instead of being under pressure to work late every day, arriving home around 7:30 on a consistent basis, he’s required to leave work at 4:00 on most days. The time he gets to spend with Andrew is priceless in a familial sense, though it can be translated into cold hard American greenbacks if you want. Just give him a minute to open his Quicken bar graph/pie chart/spreadsheet. Do you have  a projector available? Laser-pointer? No? That’s too bad. He can really put on a show with the right equipment.

(Andrew’s asleep by the way. That took five minutes, for those of you scoring at home.)

So even though we’ve been impacted financially, I can promise you I don’t feel the sting of the lost income nearly as sharply as I do the pangs of joy from watching Andrew and his Daddy cuddle and play in the evenings. I’d trade take-out for that any day.

Which made me think, I wonder how other people have been impacted in a good way by the downturn?** And then I thought I should pose the question here and see what you say. And then I thought, i sure hope I didn’t scare everyone away with my crappy writing of late. So if you’re still around, riddle me this:

How has the recession brought about something positive in your family?

*Before you get up in arms, I realize that we are extremely fortunate to still be doing a-ok in these times. Hopefully you know me well enough to recognize my sarcasm, but in case you don’t I’m spelling it out for you. S-A-R-C-A-S-M. Please don’t dooce me with hate mail.

**Is it still called a “downturn”? Can we go ahead and just say “flaming death spiral”? Call a spade a spade and all.

And since my boy’s asleep, I’m going to write about fourteen more entries. Prepare for an RSS overload, bitches!


3 Responses to “I’m posting something! Meaningful!”

  1. stephaniekb Says:

    Luckily both mine and DH’s jobs thrive in economic downturn. There will always be sick kids (unfortunate as it is) for me to take care of. And there will always be news for DH to report. So we are happy for that at least. I am also happy that we don’t have to put Lucas in daycare and are able to have our parents take care of him when we are at work at the same time.

  2. Mandy Says:

    i definitely agree with you. when times were “good”, we (like many i’m sure) were living a bit outside our means. spending it because we had it. now, instead of focusing on extras and things and stuff, we focus on the actual time spent together. as much as the recession sucks, i think it is bringing families back to what is important – eachother. dinners at the table, finding fun things to do that don’t cost much. hell, i’ve gotten crafty since things went south. hopefully by the time things turn around (they will turn around, right?), we will all have remembered what is important.

  3. Rachel Says:

    The recession hasn’t changed anything for us, really, because we’ve only been married for 13 months. And I don’t know if we’d behave much differently if things were “normal.” I’m just happy that we’re a good place in our lives for a recession. We don’t have much in the way of savings, so there’s nothing to worry about getting wiped out; we don’t have a house so we can’t lose one (and it makes the market more buyer-friendly for when we get to buy one). My point is, if there’s ever a time to be a low-paid, asset-less grad student, it’s now. That’s something, right?

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