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Why does my blog suddenly suck? August 24, 2009

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Is it because my kid sleeps more often than not? Because he’s not yet to the stage where I can recount tales of him flushing important items down the toilet? Because I’m so freaking tired that I first typed “tails” before correcting it in the last sentence?

There’s just not much going on right now. I’m back at work. My boobs seem to be giving out on me and I’m very worried. Andrew has been nursing every hour (except at night, thank goodness) all weekend and after work today. The girls can’t keep up. He’s either going through a growth spurt or he’s nursing constantly because they’re letting him down. I’m pumping a little less at work than I got before the summer, which is really depressing.

In unrelated news, there’s a jackass who rides his motorcycle up and down the street at this time every evening, and if he wakes Andrew up I will make a scene. When he imagined that crotchrocket providing a death-defying adrinaline rush, I’m guessing being verbally and physically assaulted by a strung-out mom in a wifebeater isn’t what he had in mind.

Oh ffs, I just typed “wifebeater” as “whife” at first. Must…sleep.

Oh wait, he’s crying.

Did I say he sleeps? I lied.

See that paragraph above? That’s why my blog sucks.


One Response to “Why does my blog suddenly suck?”

  1. ecookiemonster Says:

    I feel you about the motocycle! There is a harley that speeds up and down our street at the same time every night, and it is right O has fallen asleep… Luckily he hasn’t woken him up yet… crossing my fingers!
    Good luck with the breastfeeding and pumping! Have you thought of trying to take Fenugreek? It doesn’t always increase a whole lot, but it might just be what you need to get Andrew to not nurse every hour….
    Hang in there!

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