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He lived. August 13, 2009

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That nap didn’t happen, but we survived. Yesterday was such a sad day. I tried to cherish every moment knowing it would be our last day together before I went back to work. We played, napped, sang, danced around the living room, went to visit a friend, nursed, sang again, ate some banana…It was an awesome day. I had no idea how hard it would be to leave him at daycare now. I never expected that I would want to stay at home, but oh how I do.

In other news, I went to a chiropractor today for the first time. I’m oh so sore, but I feel much better at the same time. It was kind of disconcerting to hear my neck pop like bubble wrap, but if  that’s what it takes to get me to stop tilting to the right then bring it on.

Man this post is lame. I’m just so tired. I’ve been moving all of my own stuff at school and doing all of my own stunts and I’m just spent. Thankfully my mom is coming to watch Andrew tomorrow so I don’t have to get us both up and ready. Today it took me an hour and fifteen minutes to get us to work—I’ve gotta get better than that.


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