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Really? August 10, 2009

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I didn’t think ‘unexcelled’ was a word. I checked with and they backed me up. Even if it is a word, doesn’t it mean service UN-“better than others?”

Before I had Andrew, I would have been able to knock this one out of the park without breaking a sweat. Now it’s all I can do to string two jokes together in one post and remember to change my sheets when they get a bit of baby poop on them (don’t ask.) So, I’ll save my righteous indignation until after someone smart (like Rachel) confirms my suspicions.


4 Responses to “Really?”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Thanks for the compliment, but this is quite a brain teaser. Here’s my guess: they think that “excelled” can be used like “paralleled” (except instead of meaning “equal to”, it means “better”). And *if* the word “excel” could be constructed that way, then “unexcelled” would possibly be a word, and “Service Unexcelled” would be a good slogan. But, you know . . . it can’t, so it isn’t, so it isn’t.

  2. black327 Says:

    Unexcelled is a word, it’s just one of those tricky ones. To excel means to surpass or exceed, therefore unexcel means unsurpassed or unexceeded. Instead of the prefix un meaning
    less ( think undo or unravel) it means “more” . Ah, the English language!

  3. Too funny. They probably will never know the mistake they made either 🙂

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