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If it’s warranted, can it still be excessive? It’s too early for questions like that, Brain.

Andrew knows how to sleep, y’all! He also knows how to pull off when nursing and turn his head to blow milk-spewing raspberries all over my upper arm, but that’s not the point here.

He has slept through the night for the last three nights.

I know, right?!

The first and second nights he woke up at 4:45 to eat, but he’d been asleep over eight hours at that point so it counts. The first time I let him get up because I had to get ready for a training. The second day I decided to put him back in his crib and he went back to sleep until I had to wake up to go to daycare.

Today he’d slept TEN WHOLE MOTHERFREAKING HOURS when he woke at 6:00 so we got up for the day. By ‘got up’ I mean I took him to my room and nursed laying down, hoping I’d get lucky and he’d snooze some more (I know, I’m greedy). We ended up just cuddling and watching Noggin for an hour until he ruined the mood by making a giant stinky poop.

Sidenote: I know people told me poop after solids would stink, but holy cow. They should have said it will STINK. I found myself having to take a moment to mourn his nonstinky poops of yore. If I’d only known how great they were, I would have appreciated them so much more.

What was I saying? Oh yeah–I slept eight solid hours with a baby in my house. I am not good at expressing joy, enthusiasm, or any positive emotions to be honest, so just go ahead and imagine me jumping up and down in the throes of…contentment tinted ever so slightly by elation.

In other news of awesomeness, Mr. Aggie and I read Gary Chapman’s book on the five love languages last night. We learned quite a bit from the exercise and it has already changed the tone in our house. I learned that the way I was expressing love to him (by taking care of the house or dropping of his dry cleaning without being asked) wasn’t the way he primarily “receives” love. He does that by “physical touch” which I had pretty much stopped all together after Andrew was born. He didn’t realize that because I receive love through “acts of service,” when he stopped washing bottles or changing the diaper genie it really hurt our relationship.

The book was a quick read that really met our needs. I knew before that lasting love within a marriage is a choice but I needed to be reminded.

—I was about to write about how we’re celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary this weekend and how this book couldn’t have come into our lives at a better time, when I realized the actual date is today. Happy Anniversary to Me!–

Nap #1 has begun, so I’m going to be a sloth and get in on the action. (Now visualize me skipping off into the sunset.)



  1. Loretta Says:

    Hooray for Andrew! Another good marriage book that talks about what men and women need in marriage is called Love and Respect. Some of the ideas are a little old-school, but the general point is good.

  2. stephaniekb Says:

    Congratulations! Good job Andrew!!
    I’ll have to get that book. Thanks.

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