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Six Month Checkup July 31, 2009

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19.6 lbs, up exactly 3 lbs from his four month checkup
27.25 inches, up 2.25 inches from his four month checkup
Giant melon head.

He’s in the 75th-90th for height and weight, and 90+ for head circumference. Dr. Lopez answered all my questions and we’re going to start rice cereal this weekend. I was glad to learn that we’ve been giving him too small of a dose of tylenol, which explains why it didn’t seem to help with the last two teeth like it did with the first two. We’re going to stop giving him Zantac, too, since he doesn’t seem to need it anymore.

We also talked about why he might be having so much trouble sleeping since we came home. He did so awesome in NH, but since we came back he’s been crying/screaming at the end of every single sleep cycle (1.5-2 hours) all night long. It’s been three nights and I don’t know how much more I can take. I’m not going in to soothe him at all unless it’s been more than four hours since he last ate and he’s going back to sleep each time in under six minutes. It’s just hard to be woken up by your child crying every two hours. Dr. Lopez said it’s just a reaction to traveling (thanks a LOT Aunt Lori!) and that it could last for a week or so. Awesome.

So far he’s tolerating the shots better than he did last time. He only cried for a minute and now he’s passed out in his carseat. I’m going to nap while I have a chance.


One Response to “Six Month Checkup”

  1. Aunt Lori Says:

    I thought I’d wait a few days to ask how the ‘sleep’ is going…am I off the hook yet? Maybe he needs to sleep in a packnplay. Hee hee haa haa.
    miss you.

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