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New Hampshire, Cont. July 29, 2009

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I realize no one wants to read a fifth grade “what I did on my summer vacation” post, so I’ll try to keep it brief. I will most likely fail.

You saw Andrew meet the ocean in the post below. We drove up to a beach in Maine where Mr. Aggie’s family has a decades-old tradition of vacationing. It’s fairly private and beautiful. At least, it is normally when it’s not raining and the tide’s not out. It wasn’t a typical beach trip, but we got to hear the waves and dip his toes into the frigid waters so that’s what counts. How many Texas kids can say they first touched the ocean in Maine?

The trip was entirely too short. We only had two full days to see several different sets of relatives, which meant we were on the go constantly. Andrew was amazing. He almost never fussed, even when he had every right to. He was a model baby, which makes me question the wisdom of having another. No way the universe will be so kind a second time.

(I’m going to do a whole other post on flying with an infant, so look for that later. Or don’t. Whatever.)

Sleep-wise, he was equally awesome. He woke up once a couple of nights, and then our last night there he actually slept through the night! I know other kids do it all the time, but it doesn’t happen around here. He slept from 9:30-5:15, and of course I had a heart attack when I woke up and realized it.

My brother just came by to visit, so I’m going to go ahead and close up shop for now. We might take the spawn out for dinner and let him flirt with some waitresses. He loves that.


One Response to “New Hampshire, Cont.”

  1. Aunt Lori Says:

    Miss you already!!! Thanks for coming to visit…although short – we’ll take anything we can get. You are awesome and Andrew is a ‘model baby’!!! You got that right! miss you miss you miss you…have I told you WE MISS YOU yet?
    Love, AL

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