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More Father and Son Correspondence July 23, 2009

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Hey Daddy,

Things are good here. Mommy and I went on a walk this morning, then I dueced in the exersaucer. It wasn’t a blowout, so Mommy was glad.

I’m about ready for a nap. Catch you on the flipside.



Dearest A-Man,

Congrats on the active morning, with the walk, exersaucer, and duece. Remember to be nice for Mommy since she has been working hard to make sure you are taken care of when you have been such a grumpy pants. Also, remind Mommy to get a nap and drink plenty of water. We have to make sure Mommy is taken care of as well since we wouldn’t be able to make it without her. Hope the nap goes well and I will hit you up on the cellular later.



Normally we wouldn’t employ terms like “dueced” but since I’m not sure how sensitive the email filter at Mr. Aggie’s company is so I try to avoid known terms for bodily functions.

And as the baby monitor goes silent, I bid you adieu as I begin my nap also.


One Response to “More Father and Son Correspondence”

  1. Jen Says:

    “Deuced.” I like it.

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