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Andrew’s Latest Obsession July 21, 2009

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He is completely enthralled by our five million year old cat. Any time she appears in his sightline, he lurches at her like a drunk prom-goer.

She remains indifferent to his unbridled passion.

She wanders by. He emits this high pitched squeal only dogs can hear and bounces to and fro in his exersaucer like a strung out pinball. She keeps walking.

I try to tell him she won’t be the last lady to mock his affection, but he goes back to gnawing the lead-painted Chinese choking hazards that line the exersaucer without paying me any mind.


One Response to “Andrew’s Latest Obsession”

  1. Sweetpea7628 Says:

    LOL! That’s awesome. I took Em to my brother’s yesterday and he’s got two cats. Em LOVED them. The cats did not reciprocate the feeling. She just figured they were larger moving stuffed animals that she could chew on.

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