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My life continues to be fabulous July 12, 2009

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For once, I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.

Meet Sophie. She looks like a chew toy, but she’s an exotic French teether. I know this because the pamphlet told me. She’s fabulous.

Sophie 001

Sophie 010

Oh, and this? He did this for six hours straight last night.


He’s put himself down for every nap and every night all weekend. I record this here not to gloat, but so that I will always remember the elation I felt should I take it for granted, or to document it in case it all hits the fan.


3 Responses to “My life continues to be fabulous”

  1. Mandy Says:

    I never comment, but love your blog and have to say a big fat CONGRATULATIONS on your little man’s sleeping.

  2. mrs.maybride Says:

    You must tell me more about this Ferber non-CIO business. While DH figured out that double-swaddling helps Joshua sleep, we cannot double-swaddle him forever. Andrew, as always, is adorable.

  3. sweetpea7628 Says:

    He looks so peaceful and adorable! And I’m trying my hardest to not hate you right now. lol

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