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An email exchange between Andrew and Mr. Aggie July 10, 2009

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Background: Mr. Aggie and Andrew have a man-date tonight while I go to a Mom’s Night Out. Also, Twin Peaks is a Hooter’s-esque restaurant that prides itself on scantily clad waitresses and wi-fi.

Andrew writes:

Hi, Dad. Andrew here. Mom’s typing one-handed for me while I eat lunch. Listen, I just wanted to let you know I went down for my nap like a champ. Mom only rocked me for like five minutes, then I was all “Put me in my crib so I can snooze, woman.” She says Roger was mowing, but I didn’t notice. I slept an hour and a half, just like I’m supposed to. Now I’m ready to party.

Speaking of which, if you want to hit up that Twin Peaks place you’re always talking about tonight, I’m game.



Mr. Aggie’s Response:

Hey Andrew,

I’m glad Mom helped you out with the typing. It isn’t really safe to drink and email. Im glad the nap went well and you’re good for a party, because we have one planned. I don’t know about the Twin Peaks joint because it’s more like a giant buffet slide show for you and Daddy just ends up paying $20 for hamburger, so what do you say we order in and see about renting the Wiggles?




One Response to “An email exchange between Andrew and Mr. Aggie”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Just wanted to say that I love reading your blog and this post is especially funny. You and Mr. Aggie have such quick wit! Andrew is lucky to be born into a family with so much humor and laughter.

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