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Updates and picture(s) June 28, 2009

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Last night sucked. He wants to pull his legs up under himself, I think, but can’t quite get there. He would fall asleep, try the new move, fail, and wail. ‘Twas a long night for me and the babe. At 4:30 I gave up and brought him to bed with me. We got up at 9:00 because I knew sleeping any later would FUBAR our nap schedule. So far, his naps have been fine. Mr. Aggie put him down for the first one and I did the current one while Mr. Aggie is getting groceries.

This time we read our book and rocked, but he wasn’t going to sleep. He was so peaceful that I thought he was out, but he was just staring. I decided to take a risk and lay him down with eyes still open. He didn’t protest! He just started his new ‘wax on, wax off’ move with his right hand where he moves it in circles all over the sheet until he falls asleep. He stared, I hummed, he blinked, I patted his behind, and we waited. I tried to focus on being calm and not rushing him, because I worry about projecting negative vibes (I’m desperate, y’all).

Finally, he went into a long-lasting blink and I kept patting and hoping. Sure enough, he was asleep. Not one murmur of protest at all.  In celebration, I bring you pictures. Later today we’ll do his five month shots (on time for once).


We put his feet in the water of my parents little waterfall feature in their backyard. He loved it!

I love his old man face. It's new.

I love his old man face. It's new.


One Response to “Updates and picture(s)”

  1. sazzette Says:

    Love the cute outfit.
    He’s so cute and his expressions are priceless!

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