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As promised June 28, 2009

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The nap I mentioned earlier? Suckage yet again. It was followed by a two hour attempt to get him to SLEEP BEFORE WE FEED YOU TO THE NATIVES. Finally I was able to get him to surrender but he would only sleep on me. So he got a nice long nap, and I got a cramp in my side and numb hands. Loverly.

But he’s happy now, his five month pictures are done, and after dinner I get a nap.


Updates and picture(s)

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Last night sucked. He wants to pull his legs up under himself, I think, but can’t quite get there. He would fall asleep, try the new move, fail, and wail. ‘Twas a long night for me and the babe. At 4:30 I gave up and brought him to bed with me. We got up at 9:00 because I knew sleeping any later would FUBAR our nap schedule. So far, his naps have been fine. Mr. Aggie put him down for the first one and I did the current one while Mr. Aggie is getting groceries.

This time we read our book and rocked, but he wasn’t going to sleep. He was so peaceful that I thought he was out, but he was just staring. I decided to take a risk and lay him down with eyes still open. He didn’t protest! He just started his new ‘wax on, wax off’ move with his right hand where he moves it in circles all over the sheet until he falls asleep. He stared, I hummed, he blinked, I patted his behind, and we waited. I tried to focus on being calm and not rushing him, because I worry about projecting negative vibes (I’m desperate, y’all).

Finally, he went into a long-lasting blink and I kept patting and hoping. Sure enough, he was asleep. Not one murmur of protest at all.  In celebration, I bring you pictures. Later today we’ll do his five month shots (on time for once).


We put his feet in the water of my parents little waterfall feature in their backyard. He loved it!

I love his old man face. It's new.

I love his old man face. It's new.


Something Positive! June 27, 2009

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Andrew’s schedule was thrown off last night, so Mr. Aggie sent me to bed at 10 for a couple of hours. At 12, my spawn was returned to me. We went through our routine (book, nurse, rock, bed) but this time it was HIS bed. You would think the crib was electrified given my trepidation about it. I think it’s because I want him to sleep there consistently so, so badly.

Anyway, I rocked him, he was calm, and I put him down in the crib expecting the crying to start. It didn’t. He rolled onto his side, he patted Mr. Penguin, he talked to himself like a loon. He stared at the mobile, he stared at the wall, and finally…he slept.

I was still standing there, mouth agape, suspecting I was in the midst of a vivid hallucination. I mean, I knew babies could put themselves to sleep, I’d read about it happening, but it didn’t seem like it could happen to me. You know, like herpes.  Note: [Herpes did not happen to me.]

He slept for an hour before needing to be re-soothed. Then he slept an hour and a half before needed to be refilled. I made the mistake of laying down to nurse him and woke up two hours later with a very peaceful baby cuddled next to me. I was so afraid this would cause him to regress (“You want me to wake up and go back into that box ALONE with no covers and a hard mattress? Hells to the no, lady!”) but I had to try. I rocked him and soothed him, and he never cried, but he wasn’t going to sleep either. I put him in his crib and he began to jabber and play once more.

At this point it’s 6 a.m. and I remember it’s Saturday, and Mr. Aggie is eligible to assist me. So I tag out, telling him that even if Andrew doesn’t go back to sleep, he’ll only be up for an hour before going down for his first nap. I can be tagged back in at that point.

So at 8:00 (now) I wake up, certain that disaster has struck. My husband is wonderful, but he doesn’t do baby overtime. You give him a time at which you can be reactivated, he presents you with a baby within a five minute window of that agreed upon hour (usually five minutes early but whatever). I tiptoe to the nursery, open the door, and see…

They’re both still sleeping! Andrew’s in the crib, Daddy’s on the mattress on the floor, and Mommy’s doing a happy dance in the hallway.

He went into his crib, and stayed there, every time we put him down tonight. He played in it. He soothed himself to sleep at least once. He slept more than 30 minutes at a time.

This is HUGE. (Sidenote: why do people-myself included-feel the need to write ‘huge’ in all caps? Why do we not have the same predilection for dark or emphasized?)

Andrew usually awakens by this time, but his night was thrown off considerably by Mr. Aggie’s late shift (I’m not hatin’, just explainin’) so I don’t know what this morning or his naps will bring. What I do know-and what brings tears of joy to my eyes-is that Andrew knows what to expect before sleep (and it’s not le boob!)  and is not afraid of his crib.

“It’s a beautiful mornin’…”


It’s like being on a diet June 26, 2009

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You know when you’re on a diet, all you think about is food? Being sleep deprived is like that. All I think about is how to get him to sleep. My dad pointed out what a critical time this is for him developmentally, so now when he wakes up I’m worried not only that he’ll be crabby, but also stupid.

Yesterday I saw my mom put him down for a nap. He fought it (like always) but then slept two hours. Without moving. I tried the same techniques and position, and he woke up every fifteen minutes for two hours until we gave up.

I’ve never really failed at anything the way I’m failing at this, and it’s making me insane. Thank goodness I’m out for the summer now, because if I had to function in the real world, or even put on real pants, I would be hosed. Hosed, I tell you.

At this moment he is finally sleeping on his own, after a thirty minute battle (which isn’t that long, considering his capabilities) but he will most likely awaken in the next ten minutes. And I will cry, because when it comes to getting my baby to sleep peacefully and adequately, I’m a big fat failure.

The next kid is going straight into the crib. I *might* take him/her out for feedings, or I might just figure out a way to shove my boob in there. That one will come out when he/she climbs out.


Co-sleeping update June 21, 2009

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Tonight it begins. After a beast of a time getting him to go down, I placed him in his crib. I was shocked–shocked, I tell you–when he didn’t fight it at all.

There he slept peacefully for about forty minutes. The last few nights he’s been waking up every half hour (yeah, it sucks as much as you’d expect it to) so that wasn’t a surprise. Right now Mr. Aggie is in there trying to coax him back to sleep. Our cut-off time is 1 a.m. since Mr. Aggie has to work tomorrow.

It’s a small step, but I was very encouraged by how well he accepted sleeping in his crib. I think that’s such a positive first step. Of course, we owe it all to the magical Mr. Penguin.


It’s your day, my beloved

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Since I’m sure your Google Reader is chock full of Super Daddy platitudes, I’ll keep mine brief. A year ago we knew Mr. Aggie would be a father by this time, but we certainly had no idea what that would mean. And even while I’ve questioned our collective sanity for embarking on this journey, I’ve never doubted  his unconditional love for and dedication to our son. and to me.



Today’s Debbie Downer Post Brought to you by Country Music June 19, 2009

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As discussed, Andrew loves him some Nashville action. He’s especially fond of old school favorites like Alabama, Diamond Rio, Tracy Lawrence, Randy Travis, etc.

So I cranked up the radio while I made Mr. Aggie some Father’s Day chocolate chip cookies, and the first song that came on was “How Can I Help You To Say Goodbye.” The verse where she talks about her mom dying? Made it really hard to see the cookie dough I was mixing. I’ve never thought about it before, but–God willing–there will come a time when Andrew has to live on this planet without his Mommy.

I can’t even type about it…

Thank goodness some mindless drivel by Clay Walker came on afterwards.