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You say that now… May 31, 2009

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Today we had to venture out to the Mall. Shopping me no likey, but last summer I was knocked up, and the summer before I was nice and thin, so I had nothing that works with my post-baby pancake belly. Well, I guess the maternity shorts would but if you think I’m putting those back on you can..think again I guess (sorry,  I don’t have much time to come up with witty comments before Andrew gets fussy. Must.Type.Quickly).

So we’re in the car after shopping. I mentioned how the juniors section at Macy’s made me oh so thankful we had a boy.

Me: I mean, you could take some of those mesh shorts over to the granny panties section, and you wouldn’t be able to tell which was which.

Mr. Aggie: Not true. Those shorts were too risque for granny panties. Maybe granny lingerie, though.

Me: Shudder. That’s a product that absolutely does not need to exist.

Mr: You say that now…

God bless him. He’s had Times of Marital Closeness 1.5 times in the last four months but he’s still got hope.


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